KMix: No mixers available

KMix: No mixers available

Post by Nathan Westo » Wed, 29 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Running KDE2, installed from RPMS (libs = 2.0-7, multimedia = 2.0-1), on
RedHat 6.2 with OSS for sound. When I run kmix, nothing shows up in the list
of available mixers... the sound volume is stuck really high making it
difficult to adjust with any precision on the speakers. Any ideas?


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1. KMix (Sound Mixer) Blank

I'm running a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card (Cirrus Logic) with 8.1 and
KDE 3.0.3 (...anyone got a lead on RPMs for 3.0.4 for 8.1?), on which
everything was previously working just fine, and now I can't adjust the
volumes via KMix because it comes up blank -- no error message or anything,
just no sliders.  Any clue what to check or otherwise how to get the
sliders & adjustment capabilities back?  Thanks in advance....

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