Q: look thru windows

Q: look thru windows

Post by Reyndert Witter » Wed, 06 Dec 2000 04:00:00

Hi there,

How do i create 'look thru' type windows, the kind in which you can
see the backgroundpicture of your desktop. I'm using KDE 1.2 on
Slackware Linux

Thanx a bunch!


1. OSS lpd for windows or( how to filter print jobs thru windows drivers)

    My problem is this. I recently bought a Canon BJC 6000 as I got it
very cheap and in my past experience with epson, inkjet printers
don't work very well with ghostscript drivers even when they are
supposed to according to docs. But anyway, I have a windows machine
always running here on the network for contingencies (like opening
other people's word documents etc.) So I can connect the canon  to
that computer and my plan is to use it as a sort of print
server. Only-- I need to use the widows driver supplied with the
printer to actually get the printout. So my plan is to send the
printouts from my linux machines as postscript files and then filter
them  thru the ghostscript's winpr(or something) filter
automatically. My question is, is there an open source lpd daemon for
win32 available somewhere which I could hack to do such a thing ( I
know there's a microsoft provided lpd daemon but it's crippled in such
 a way as to not allow any processing of the print jobs before
being sent to the printer. Please correct me if I'm wrong) Or
if not, is such a thing possible using the regular SMB protocol
( i.e. somehow hack window's remote printing mechanism to insert a
filter between the network interface where the printjobs are
accepted and the final windows output to the printer) Maybe the
following drawing will make my question clearer:

 This is what I want to happen:

Linux Box                Windows Box
________               ___________________
        |             | shared folder etc.
        | samba       |
(ps file)------------>|(shared printer)-->Ghostscript_to_win_printing_filter--->Printer
________|             |_________________

  Any pointers, tips, hints etc would be highly appreciated.


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