kmail reply address error

kmail reply address error

Post by Pete » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 18:49:44

I am running kmail 1.5.1 under kde 3.1.1 in SuSE 8.2

The signature attached to a reply is not necessarily the signature assigned
to the folder containing the message to which the reply is being sent.

I have several folders some of which have sub-folders. One of these folders
I call "personal" and its properties have a signature of "personal". When I
generate a new message it has the "personal" signature. When I reply to a
message the reply has the "family" signature appended.

The "family" signature is specified for a sub-folder of personal called
"children" where it is used for both new messages and replies.

Other sub-folders of personal use the correct signature on replies.

Any ideas anyone?

Peter Lewis.


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I hope my question is clear.

Have a nice Day.


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