KNode: reply by email with munged identity?

KNode: reply by email with munged identity?

Post by Nick Battl » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 06:30:47

My ISP will not relay email if the From: address is not resolvable (sensible
anti-spam measure). If I reply-by-email using KNode, then the From address

even if I set an unmunged global identity different to the one for the news

Is there a way to be able to select the From email address with KNode (like
there is with KMail) so that I can successfully reply by email?



KNode: reply by email with munged identity?

Post by Nick Battl » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 02:06:24

> Settings-Configure Knode
> Accounts-Mail
> [x] Use external e-mail program

> Works for me, currently using KNode version 0.7.2 (KDE 3.1.2), but it's
> always worked, AFAIK.

That does the trick, thanks.



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