HELP: KDE3.0.4 Screensaver doesn't check password!?

HELP: KDE3.0.4 Screensaver doesn't check password!?

Post by Brandon Hopp » Fri, 08 Nov 2002 04:31:14

I have KDE 3.0.4 installed on SPARC/Solaris 7.

When I 'Lock the desktop', and then move the mouse to unlock it, it accepts
anything I type in as the password and unlocks it. Why doesn't it check the



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I just compiled 1.3.3 with no problems.  Went to recompile smbfs-0.4
and it dies in several places.  Don't have time to really look into
it, I'm going home to pack to move house this weekend.  Next week,
maybe Thu or so.

Anyone else tried this combo ?


PS. Please mail me - I won't be reading mail for a week :(

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