Autoraise window?

Autoraise window?

Post by michael eds » Sat, 14 Aug 1999 04:00:00

How to I set KDE to automatically raise a window when I
click on its button on the KDE panel?  Right now, clicking
on the button appears to give a window the focus, but does
not raise it.

Note real email:  mmedson at att dot net


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does anyone know how the Variables AutoRaise and AutoDelay in the
file ".twmrc" works ?

The variable AutoRaise works when I defined it like this:
but then it only works for the xterm windows and I want to have it
by default.

Furthermore the variable RaiseDelay seem's not to work at all, I tried
it this way:
        RaiseDelay 500

Maybe there is another way to get a autoraise for all windows ? If someone
could help me that would be great ...

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