kvt doesn't properly emulate vt100 keypad

kvt doesn't properly emulate vt100 keypad

Post by Bryan K. Wrig » Sat, 09 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hi folks,

        Is there any way to change the escape sequences generated
by the keypad keys under kvt?  This is a problem around here, since
we still have a number of VMS users who telnet into their machines
and use the VMS editors.  These editors make heavy use of the vt100

        In the past, I've had similar problems with xterms, but
xterm allows you to redifine its keys through X resources.  For

*xterm*VT100.Translations: #override\n\
        <KeyPress>Prior : scroll-back(1,page)\n\
        <KeyPress>Next : scroll-forw(1,page)\n \
        <Key>Home: string("\033OP") \n \
        <Key>KP_Divide: string("\033OQ") \n\
        <Key>KP_Multiply: string("\033OR") \n\
        <Key>KP_Subtract: string("\033OS") \n\
        <Key>KP_Add: string("\033Ol") \n\
        <Key>KP_7: string("\033Ow") \n\
        <Key>KP_8: string("\033Ox") \n\
        <Key>KP_9: string("\033Oy") \n\
        <Key>KP_4: string("\033Ot") \n\
        <Key>KP_5: string("\033Ou") \n\
        <Key>KP_6: string("\033Ov") \n\
        <Key>KP_1: string("\033Oq") \n\
        <Key>KP_2: string("\033Or") \n\
        <Key>KP_3: string("\033Os") \n\
        <Key>KP_0: string("\033Op") \n\
        <Key>KP_Decimal: string("\033On") \n\
        <Key>KP_Enter: string("\033OM") \n

Since kde doesn't use X resources (is this true?), I can't
remap the kvt keys in a similar way.

        Has anyone solved this problem?

                        Thanks in advance,

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