App errors - main arena

App errors - main arena

Post by gbsm.. » Thu, 03 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I've been able to successfully compile three new apps: ktop 1.0.0,
kpackage 1.3, and ktheme

BUT they all segfault out. gdb says all these programs bomb in something
called "main_arena".

Anybody know what's wrong?

- George B. Smith

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1. Shared libraries sharing from main app?

According to a paper by M. A. Auslander in the Jna. 1990 issue of IBM
J. Res. Develop. (volume 34, no. 1) shared libraries "... can refer to
each other or, in theory, even to the user program ..."

Is this actually implemented in AIX 3.2?  I haven't been able to
accomplish such sharing.  Has anyone done it?  If so, how?

I'm familiar with the Kwiatkowski/Prener/Asselin/Carr/Heath discussion
in July (related to allowing applications substitute their own version
of functions from libc).

Should I be able to deduce the answer to my question from that

Thanks in advance for answers, help, or advice.
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