xdm, kdm colour depth Banshee??

xdm, kdm colour depth Banshee??

Post by tp » Thu, 28 Oct 1999 04:00:00


I have RedHat 6.0 and XF86Setup allows me to select my 3dfx Banshee card
and to set default colour to 8,16,24 or
32 bpp.  When I use either XDM or KDM all I get is vga colours and I
don't know why despite a lot of looking!
If I startx -- -bpp 32 or xinit -- -bpp 32, no problems!

Would some kind soul shed some light on this for me?




1. kde & kdm default color depth

Can anyone tell me how to set the default color depth for kdm to 16bpp?
I have been starting X from the command prompt with startx -- -bpp 16,
but I can't find the script that initializes kde from kdm and am only
getting about 256 colours which looks terrible.
I am using rh6.0 hedwig with their supplied version of kde.

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