Kmix volume control doesn't

Kmix volume control doesn't

Post by Mark Adam » Thu, 13 Mar 2003 12:06:55

I am working with Mandrake 9.0, KDE 3.0.1 (or whatever ships with MDK
9.0) and the volume control from Kmix appears on the Kpanel just like
it's supposed to. Unfortunately, this control doesn't seem to control
anything.  I run the slider up and down and my system sounds, media
sounds, etc. are unaffected.

My sound card (Intel ICH2 810 Chipset AC'97 Audio Controller) seems to
work just fine. The volume control on Xmms does appear to function and
it changes the PCM (what the heck does "PCM" stand for anyway) slider in
Kmix and the volume does change. The PCM2 slider appears to have even
more control over the volume.  Same story in Aumix - "Volume" slider
does nothing, PCM, PCM2 work fine.

Can I change the slider the icon in my system panel is linked to? Any
wisdom out there?




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conflicts.  naturally, it would be nicer if I could control volume in

does anyone have a similar experience and solution?  


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