kminipager background?

kminipager background?

Post by Roger Hansso » Fri, 23 Feb 2001 19:31:49

Does anybody know if it is possible to change the background color in the
minipager applet? If it is possible how can i change it?

/Roger Hansson


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Here are two things that are annoying me when I use the RS 6000's.

1)  MANY times, whenever I try to execute a unix command, I get
either "Background Read" or "Background Write" as an error message,
and the command doesnt run.  It always happens when I try this:

pine% which <any unix command>

Background Write

2)  X11R4 is running here, with the patches from MIT.  When I
pop up an xterm window, something happens that makes the carriage
return produce a line feed only.   Pressing return a couple of times
gets me this:


The terminal problem above also happens sometimes in the HFT.

any help would be appreciated.
James Trammell                        University of Michigan


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