Konqueror as Web Browser

Konqueror as Web Browser

Post by Doug Laidla » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 07:06:56

Does Konqueror have a History list?  How do I access it?


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Konqueror as Web Browser

Post by Andreas Klaue » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 07:20:52

> Does Konqueror have a History list?  How do I access it?

Err, yep. I don't quite know how to access it easily, since I never use it,
but this way should work:

Press F9, then click on Watch icon ("History"), the third one on left side.

Settings->Toolbars->Show Extra Toolbar
Click left icon of Extra Toolbar ("Show Navigation Panel")
In this Panel, click the Watch icon ("History")

I bet there's an easier way, though.


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1. Konqueror Web Browser Becomes Ark??

I'm running Red Hat 8.0 and I installed kde3 via apt-get through unl.edu.

I've been having trouble with downloading files since with Konqueror. At
first it seemed as if kget might be getting "in the way", but after some
more experimentation, I think I know what's happening. I just don't know
how to fix it.

If I download anything BUT a compressed archived file (tar.gz, zip, tar.bz2,
etc), it all acts as expected. I'm asked where I want the file and then
after I provide the location (and optionally the filename), the file
downloads and all is bright and wonderful in the world.

BUT, if I try to download a compressed archive file on any sort (see above
for some examples), Konqueror automatically downloads the file as a
temporary file and then displays it like a full screen version of ark (the
archive tool).

Unfortunately ark is no longer a stand-alone package (at least not from this
source) but a part of kdeutils which has a lot of other stuff I'd rather
not do without. For that matter, I'd rather keep ark, too.

Any ideas how I can straighten this out?


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