kspread custom number formats

kspread custom number formats

Post by Frank de B » Mon, 13 Aug 2001 12:04:41


If I enter some big number in kspread it will always plays those comma's
in between. But in some cases I DO NOT want to do that. Mostly in case
if the number is used as some sort of indentifaction. Does anyone know
if it's possible somehow to set a custom number format?

Thanks in advanced,

Frank de Bot!


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I know how to link cells among tables/sheets in on single kspread document.
I found the way to insert another kspread dokument (object) into a
table/sheet also. But how to refer to a cell of this inserted object?
Now I wonder how to link cells in tables/sheets amongst kspread documents.
My Goal is to refer to the linked cells contents for further calculation.
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