kmail from kdenetwork-2.1.1 on Redhat crashes

kmail from kdenetwork-2.1.1 on Redhat crashes

Post by Barry D Benowit » Wed, 11 Apr 2001 23:56:12


i've built Qt, kdelibs, kdebase and kdenetwork for the Redhat
RPMS. I've applied the patches, ran configure and built them all,
there is a wierd warning about #include_next not being supported,
otherwise it continues. Konqy works fine, but kmail crashes. Has
anyone seen this?


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1. kmail crash in kde-2.1.1


I went through blood, sweat and tears to get KDE- installed
finally crowned with qualified success last night.

Doing so required 'force' and 'nodeps' all applied in the 'right' order,
none of it documented. ('--test' is your friend though!)

One main reason for all of this was to get the newest version of kmail
going. Now I find it crashes immediately after starting!

I'm thinking what I have to do is take the koffice rpm and 'force' and
'nodeps' the darned thing into place.

It feels risky.

Any insight or advice. Is there _any_ installation documentation anywhere
on this wide virtual planet?

Please help if you've got a clue to spare, thanks!

Got some other problems with KDE-2 but they're rather minor aesthetic
issues (e.g, no pictures on some of the icons on the little panel bar on
the bottom of the screen - figure I've got to edit some config files in
the bye and bye).


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