global konquerer settings

global konquerer settings

Post by Jan de Ruijte » Sun, 15 Dec 2002 22:03:59

Can anyone tell me how to make Konquerer using a proxy address. I know
how to do this for one user, but I think it must be possible to give it
standard to   all users and new users .
Thanks in advance   Jan

1. problems setting view mode in Konquerer

Hi All.  Every time I open Konquerer to browse files, the view mode is
set to "Icon".  How can I set it to use "Multicolumn" mode by default
instead?  Also, I deleted the toolbar buttons for changing the view mode
and I want to get them back but they don't show up in the "Customize
Toolbars" dialog box.  How can I get the back?  Your help would be
greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Have a tolerable existence.  Eli

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