KCharset: Wrong charset!

KCharset: Wrong charset!

Post by Anthony Watter » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 01:05:00

I have finally just finished compiling KDE 3.1.2 /NetBSD /Sparc using
pkgsrc. (clean install from scratch)

Currently I have KDE up and running, and every time I open the KDE control
center, I get the following error
KCharset: Wrong charset!
It really takes up my whole screen and makes it difficult to
navigate..scrolling the whole screen with what looks to be errors coming
from the command line.

I have searched around the news groups and only find references to posts
that are several years old that refer to older versions of KDE (ie 1.x

Any new info on how to stop this error on current stable release of KDE?

Also...newbie question...

I see that post install instructions suggest that I add the KDE's binary
installation directory (e.g. /opt/kde/bin) to your PATH and KDE's library
installation directory to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH

How do I do this in NetBSD command line? syntax etc..

As always, your help is appreciated!


1. What is this: KCharset: Wrong charset! (etc.)

My Suse 6.2 trots along quite nicely,
except the fact that when I have, after
booting Linux up, entered and exited KDE via
startx, the console displays this error message,
several times:

"KCharset: Wrong charset! "

As if trying to explain it's inner
feelings to me it also says:

kwm: X_Configuration(0x28000a7) Bad Match
invalid parameter

Waiting for X server to shut down.

Furthermore it complains about something
about some pictures and removing 'GimmickMode',
whatever that is.

I have searchedthrough the very thorough Suse
Manual and 3-4 other Linux reference books, but
not one has KCharset in the index.

What parameters should I fix where and how?
I seem to be unable to find any man page
or other information about this stuff.

About character sets:the languages I use with
my linux are Finnish and UK English. The Finnish
characters are o.k. in KDE-programs like the
terminal emulator, but in the console the Finnish
diacritical characters show as {:s etc.


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