Strange Problem with KDE 1.1 and Netscape!

Strange Problem with KDE 1.1 and Netscape!

Post by Devin Butterfiel » Tue, 02 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi all!

I am running kde 1.1 on FreeBSD 3.1 and am trying to use Netscape
4.5, but some kind of conflict is occurring. I run Kppp and establish a
connection, and then start Netscape...but nothing happens (Netscape
never comes
up)! I checked the job processes and verified that Netscape is infact
running, but
it seems that its start-up gets stalled. If I then kill the dialup
Netscape will start a few seconds later. Weird!

I assumed at first that maybe there was something wrong with kppp, so I
wrote a
little script to bring up the connection, but still, Netscape refuses to
until I kill the connection. So then changed my .xinitrc file to start a
xterms intend of kde and tried luck. I then rebooted, and
tried again
with the xterms (not running kde) and then NO PROBLEM.

I repeated this several times and found that if establish a dialup
while running kde, something gets screwed up and Netscape will not start
after the connection dies! This problem will continue until I reboot the
and try in an xterm without kde.

Hopefully this isn't too confusing. I could really use some help on
this, so
please, any and all suggestions or ideas would be great!



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Hi all,

I've posted this before but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. So here goes

I've got gimp 1.1.4 running with KDE 1.1 on both glibc Linux and Solaris
7 x86. About half of the windows gimp tries to open (most notably file
requesters) open kind of minimized. I say "kind of" because the icon
appears in the task bar, but the window name inside it is not in
brackets, as it would be if the window were minimized. When I click on
that icon, the window opens properly on my desktop. I can then minimize
and re-open to my heart's content, but the next time I try to open a
file, the window will again only open in the task bar.

This behaviour is the same on Linux, Solaris, and all versions of Gimp
from 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 with glib and 1.2, and it's _very_ irritating. If I
run the exact same Gimp binaries with OpenWindows on Solaris, everything
is fine.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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