KDE default menu suggestion (and distribution menu...)

KDE default menu suggestion (and distribution menu...)

Post by Andre G » Mon, 23 Jul 2001 14:26:07

   I am a SUSE 7.2 user.

I see a problem having almost every distribution with a differrent
look/fell, when the others GUI's look/fell are more standardised.

I find merits to the SUSE menu/taskbar but also to the standard KDE.
Someone (see alt.os.linux.suse) helped me switch back to the standard KDE

From there an idea:
  Would be nice for the standard KDE to have more that one menu, with a
selection for more than one.
  I probably would use :
        0-Standard KDE menu.
        1-Distribution menu.  (SUSE, RedHat etc...)
        3- User's menu

and may be more. Ideally (in my view) each ditribution would come with 0,
1, 2(blank).
The merit would be for the KDE apps to update the KDE menu, the
distribution RPM's (or equivalent) to update its own menu, etc....

This would go in the direction to have a standard KDE menu, the same on
each KDE machine (Linux/Unix etc...), and still allow creativity at the
others levels: distribution, organisation, etc...

Thanks for your attention, and hopefully comments.
Andre G-


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