Answering machine & Paperport VX scanner

Answering machine & Paperport VX scanner

Post by Joel A. Walber » Wed, 06 Jun 2001 07:16:33

Answering Machine & Visioneer PaperPort VX?




Sunday 03 June 2001 08:15:27



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I am working on migrating to RedHat Linux 7.1 running KDE 2.1.1 from
Windows 2000.  There are two applications that I have not yet been able to
find a suitable replacement for.

Answering machine - I currently run Symantec TalkWorks Pro that does voice
mail and sending/receiving faxes.  Is there a good replacement?

Scanner - I currently use a Visioneer PaperPort VX scanner with the
PaperPort Deluxe software.  First, is this scanner supported by Linux at
all?  Also, is there some type of software that would replace the
functionality of PaperPort Deluxe.

Just wanted to find out what other people are using.


Joel A. Walberg


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is this feed scanner supported under linux with a serial connect?
with scsi?  i have a bunch i got free and would like to build
kiosk-like machines for autoscanning for this project.  naturally i
would rather use linux than windoze!  *grin*


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