Knode-email reply from addressbook?

Knode-email reply from addressbook?

Post by mikepolnia » Tue, 22 May 2001 11:06:05

When i click on reply or forward by email in Knode, the composer window has
a 'Browse' button after the To: line. I think this should contain email
addresses but its empty,  and clicking OK gives a  message "could not read
address book entry'.

I did not find this feature in the documentation. How  can i make entries
and use this 'addressbook' feature? Its not the same as Kab.


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I use knode (0.4) as my newsgroup reader, trouble is I keep
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Unable to connect. The following error occured: 220
ESMTP spoken here

I have configured knode to the same smtp server I use
in kmail (e-mail program). Anyone have any


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