Kmail filter against BCC field? and other...

Kmail filter against BCC field? and other...

Post by José Arang » Fri, 29 Mar 2002 23:19:06

Hello everyone,

Is there any way I could filter incoming messages based on the BCC field?
On Kmail 1.3 we just have the To and Cc fields?  

I did a test now..I sent an email to myself using the BCC field...and then
I looked at the message source but I didn't find any field within the
header containing BCC.  Hmm...I think I'll have to read some RFC on
sendmail about message header standards because I definetely don't know how
sendmail handles this.  But anyway..if someone knows how to filter against
the BCC (if it's possible) let me know please.

Also, how do I specify a wild character? Using the "regular expression"
option? For example, I would like to create a filter for emails containing
the word unsubscribe.  I did it this way and it was working:
"MESSAGE|CONTAINS|unsubscribe" but then I received a junk mail that had
this line "Click here to unsubscribe:http://blabla..." so my rule didn't
work. It works if there's a space after "unsubscribe". I would like to
create something like "unsubscribe*". I tried selecting regular expression
but it didn't work.



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 I've got a quick question about how to alter a shell script so that
 mail is sent to a list of people using the Bcc field rather than the
 To: field.

 Right now the command reads:

       (mailx -s "$digest_name, #$volnum" $to < $digest

 where to is assigned the value of the mailing list alias.  (Ie, subscribers)

 Could I change the script in the following way and have it work?

       bcc= mailing_list_subs
       (mailx -s "$digest_name, #$volnum" $bcc < $digest

 or do I need to do it some other way?



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