KDE 3.01 for DEBIAN 2.2 powerpc??

KDE 3.01 for DEBIAN 2.2 powerpc??

Post by Anonymou » Wed, 29 May 2002 15:23:57

HAS anyone gotten KDE 3.01 to work under DEBIAN 2.2 for the powerpc
(Mac) computers??

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I managed to install KDE3.01 and when I rebooted, it asked me if I wanted to
use the old config settings from KDE 2.2.

I said yes. Now, I open the KMenu, and have the old menu from KDE2.2. The
problem is that about half of the items don't work, and the new items for
KDE3.01 aren't on the menu.

I tried using the KMenu editor, and it shows all the correct items as being
on my menu, but they aren't there. I looked through all the tabs and
options, and didn't see anything promising. The KDE help file is less than
helpful. (I know, RTFM. If I could find the thing I would. The help files I
see are becoming disturbingly like the Windows help files: not helpful, just
eye candy.)

When I logged in as another user, the question was asked again, if I want to
use old KDE 2.2 settings, and I said no. So, for that user, I have the full
menu, with correct links for items.

I'd like to either:
a) remove settings, so I get the question asked again, Do you want to use
old settings, and I will say 'no' OR
b) Find how to actually edit the menu that I see, instead of the menu I am
supposed to see. (does this make sense?)

Oh, I am using SuSe 7.3 on PC.

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