Kmail 1.2 Error while contacting pop-server

Kmail 1.2 Error while contacting pop-server

Post by Marco van der Lis » Sat, 21 Jul 2001 01:36:52

Hi everyone,

Recently I bought Suse Linux 7.2. Being a newbie I started experimenting,
and was quite successful thusfar. I am very impressed with the new KDE
2.1.2 desktop!

Using Netscape I can surf the internet, read usenetgroups and my email
without any problems. But when I want to fetch my mail using KMail 1.2, I
get the following error message: "Invalid response from server: "<21>Jul 17
19:54:56 redir[5841]: Wrong command 'AUTH' during login+OK vdlist selected"
When I use another mailclient immediately thereafter, I can access my email
account, so one would think the problem lies with the configuration of
Kmail. But the strange thing is, the sometimes I can connect to the
pop-server without modifying any Kmail settings!

The settings under Configuration in the Settings menu are indentical to
Netscape. I have configured my internet connection using yast2 during
set-up, and have no problems connecting to the internet.

I have already contacted my provider, but they don't support Linux (of
course!), only that harddisk polution produced somewhere in Redmond.

I would appreciate any ideas someone might have on this.

With kind regards,

Marco van der List
Breda, The Netherlands