RH7 & KDE 2.1 upgrade, No icons in kde menu

RH7 & KDE 2.1 upgrade, No icons in kde menu

Post by Stig Nielse » Sat, 03 Mar 2001 10:52:47

I just installed KDE2.1 on RH7 and the KDE programs works (very impressive)
but there are no kde icons in the (Ximian-gnome) menu.

Any ideas?



1. KDE 2.1 Menus and Desktop Icons


A while back I had to 'lock' down the KDE 1.2 desktop for a corporate
desktop and with some advice from David Faure this was acheived by
editing the source code, we are now upgrading to 2.1 and need to do
the same.

How can I stop the CDROM and floppy icons from re appearing on the
desktop every time a user logs in?

How can I stop a user from right clicking on a desktop icon to change
its properties?

How can I stop them from configuring the Panel.

Brian Payne

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