Strange X reboot problem

Strange X reboot problem

Post by Vid » Thu, 28 Mar 2002 01:33:29

I am currently running mandrake 8.1 and I have a problem with rebooting.  
Doing a startup from shutdown works fine but whenever I select "reboot"
when X comes up again the mouse and keyboard are going all crazy and are
not responsive... so I need to press the computer reset button.  It has
just starting doing this about a week ago and I didn't have this problem

1. strange reboot problems after make world


after a make world (3h on my P200MMX with 64MB RAM and IBM DCAS UW HD),
the following reboot produces a 'blackout', i.e. the gfx-card (an ATI Mach64)
doesn't produce a signal anymore and the monitor sitches to suspend mode.
I need to switch the computer and monitor off and wait some time.

What would cause _that_ ?


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