Cursor/mouse in KDE attains own mindset- HELP !

Cursor/mouse in KDE attains own mindset- HELP !

Post by vasu muppall » Fri, 18 Jan 2002 00:13:21

Is this a problem in KDE 2.2.x or is it a trackpad issue ?

While typing, the cursor position changes over to the mouse position
without clicking; maybe the touchpad is sensitive and gets activated by a
whiff of air- don't know.

Does anyone know how to overcome this problem ? Will disabling touchpad
click fix this problem ?


1. Mouse Cursor in KDE 2.0 and Accelerated X

I tried the new Accelerated X version 6.0 X server demo on my laptop -
it is both faster and has a better-behaved driver than XFree86 or
Metro X.  However, there's a strange problem in KDE 2.0 - several of
the mouse cursor symbols appear as black shapes, without the
foreground white detail.  For instance, the `pointing finger' that
appears ofer URLs and on buttons on Kicker appears as a completely
black hand.  Normal X cursors appear OK, whether or not I'm using KDE.

I don't even know what mouse cursors are (fonts? bitmaps?) or where
they are to be found.  I managed to find an `open look cursor' font,
whose characters (in xfd) display OK, but I couldn't find the
offending KDE cursors among them.  Accelerated X support asked for a
screenshot, but unfortunately the KDE snapshot program doesn't capture
the cursor!

Any ideas?


University of Cambridge, Zoology Department, Downing Street, CAMBRIDGE CB2 3EJ

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