Power controll does not work

Power controll does not work

Post by AtomxX » Sun, 22 Apr 2001 08:47:59

when energy saving is enabled it does not suspend or power off.
how can i fix this problem.

i'm running slackware-7.x (slackware-current as of 2001-04-01) w/ kde-2.1.1.
my monitor is a sony multiscan 15sf energy star compliant.



1. Power On after power failure not working (Motherboard M787CLR/M787CL)

I have the following problem:
I need my machine to power on automatically after a power failure
occurs, so I get to the BIOS SETUP utility, go to POWER MANAGEMENT SET

Just in case, I also set "ACPI function" to DISABLED and "PM CONTROL
BY AMP" = NO (I read somewhere that if these parameters are enabled,
they can make some BIOS setup not to work).

The problem is that, after a power failure, the machine does not power
on automatically as it should be, instead I have to power it on
manually pressing the POWER ON button.

Can anybody give me some clues about what the problem may be?

I have the following configuration:
Motherboard: PC 133 M787CLR (name changed to M787CL recently)
BIOS Version: V1.1A
CPU: VIA C3 - 1 Giga Pro
Memory: 128 PC133 SDRAM
HDD: Western Digital WD200EB-00CPF0 IDE
Power Supply: SUNSHINE Model ATX-235UT (235 Watts)
Operating System: Linux Red Hat 7.3

Any clue will be welcomed.
Regards everybody.

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