korganizer - printing detail list

korganizer - printing detail list

Post by Hans Angsuesse » Sat, 01 Mar 2003 19:06:39

I'm using korganizer (kde3.1). But I found no way of printing the detail
entries of an event (except copying into the clipboard and printing with an
other app). Overlooked something?
Hans Angsuesser

1. how to capture korganizer --list output?


I want to put my calendar in my .plan file on a regular basis, so I've
tried to do this

$ korganizer --list > .plan

I've also tried --show etc, but I can not redirect the output no
matter what I do!

 2>&1 > .plan does not work
 |tee .plan   does not work

If i "typescript" a session, I get no output at all.

I've looked at the source, koapp.cpp:displayImminent(), which seem to
use regular printf's? For example:

  for (int i = 1; i <= numdays; i++) {
    printf("%s\n",(const char

    QList<Event> tmpList(cal->getEventsForDate(currDate, TRUE));

But not even this output can be captured.

Does anyone know how to solve this, or what is going on?
Some tricks played with the pseudo-tty maybe?


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