Switching screens

Switching screens

Post by Daniel Bengtsso » Sun, 16 Feb 2003 22:55:21


Can I set a shortcut such that I can switch the active screen in kde ? I am
using a matrox g400 graphics card with dual monitors, each monitor uses
it's own desktop. Its frustrating to always reach for the mouse when I need
to use a program on the other screen.



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This may be a FAQ, but I _have_ looked, and read the manual pages, so here goes:
kernel is pl99.14z, I have an S3 card, and the keyboard (not under X) is set
up for a UK keymap.  MAchine is a clone 486/50 ISA bus, 16Mb ram. Sony cdrom,
3.5"+5.25 floppy drives.  Network card is a WD 8013, networking is running OK.

Firstly, could anyone tell me how to switch from an X screen to another
virtual terminal.  CTRL-ALT -Fkey doesn't work.
multiscreens work ok if X isn't running.

Secondly, I'd love to get the delete key to return a single character, so
that I can stty DEL to it (IYSWIM).  That way the keyboard stty modes will
be teh same for the SCO and Linux systems I use.  I'm sure its in the
uk.map in /usr/lib/keytables, but this table refers (AFAICR) to keycodes or
scancodes - I dont know how to find the scancode of a key.

Thirdly, I can only run X as root - if anyone else, it hangs, and I have to
kill the process from the SCO box (remember,  I can't switch VTs ) in order
to regain control.

Please, if you can help, reply by email, and I'll summarise (assuming I sort
the problem)

Graham Nicholls
Sig. applied for.

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