Kaddressbook RPM for RedHat 7.3?

Kaddressbook RPM for RedHat 7.3?

Post by Daihar » Sat, 27 Jul 2002 09:34:48


I've found a few bugs in the version of Kaddressbook that came with KDE
3.0.0-10 and would like to see if there's a later version available.  Those
bugs are fairly obvious -- like being unable to save addresses, unable to
change the order of "File As," etc., so I'm hoping they have already been
fixed in the up-to-date version.

Does anyone know where I can dig up the RPM for it?  I'd be hesitant in
compiling from the source, although I've done that for a few GPL
applications such as Xine and AntiVir.  I went to the RedHat web site, but
they don't have any RPMs available for KDE components.

Any help would be appreciated.

Daigoro F. Toyama


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For those who may be interested, I posted a nice set of customized KDE 3.0.2
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the rpm -Fvh *.rpm command. After upgrading log out and back into kde.
Feedback is always welcome.




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