Konqueror browsing go slow

Konqueror browsing go slow

Post by ebbin » Mon, 13 Aug 2001 21:36:26

I have suse 7.1 running kde2.1.2 with Konqueror 2.1.1 After a couple of
hours surfing konqueror goes on a go slow either taking 2\3 minutes to load
a page or just stalling. I have another linux box on my network and have no
problem accessing the same web sites. E-mail is not effected.

Anyone got any suggestions?



1. Slow Konqueror file browsing after update HELP

I upgraded KDE to 2.2.2 on my RH 7.2 system. After the upgrade everything
ran like a dream except konqueror file browsing and file open dialogs of K
programs. Every dirchange hangs for 5- 10 secs before responding. Very
annoying ofcourse. Also loging out ot the KDM login screen waits for 15-20
secs. I have the system on a back-end c-class network, and the system does
hence not have a valid DNS hostname. KDE 2.2 rh7.2 had no problems with it
What is also funny is that the rpoblem may dissapear after 10-15 minutes of
working under root. Everything will be snappy again. When logiing in as
another user however will return the problem.

Who knows what this is?

Greeting, Rukhoven

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