A question on upgrading to KDE 3.0.1 from KDE 2.2.2 (SuSE 7.3)

A question on upgrading to KDE 3.0.1 from KDE 2.2.2 (SuSE 7.3)

Post by Brad Sim » Mon, 27 May 2002 04:51:35

Well I downloaded all the rpms and deps from kde.org and SuSE.com into one

When I run 'rpm -Uvh --test *.rpm' I get the following:
"file /etc/ppp/peers/kppp from install of kdenetwork3-3.0.1-18 conflicts with  
 file from package kdenetwork-2.2.1-32".

Is this likely to be a problem? I upgraded to 2.2.2 via SuSE's online update.

I have a copy of the post-install instructions from the SuSE unofficial FAQs
page; and I know from reading alt.os.linux.suse to stay away from the
kde2-compat rpm.
I have an understanding with my local police--I have them outgunned, but
they have me outnumbered.


1. suse 7.3 kde 2.2.1 kppp question

I am now experiencing difficulty connecting to my ISP.

I wrote to my ISP and they responded thusly:

A recent upgrade to our authentication server has yielded an unexpected side
affect: users who manually authenticate, instead of using PAP, are given
shell access instead of PPP access. The fix is easy, thankfully. All that
you need to do is switch to PAP, which involves creating a file
/etc/ppp/pap-secrets that looks like:

<username>              *                    <password>

Then, you need to edit your chat script to initiate PPP immediately after
connecting, such as with this script:

exec /usr/sbin/chat -v                                  \
        TIMEOUT         3                               \
        ABORT           '\nBUSY\r'                      \
        ABORT           '\nNO ANSWER\r'                 \
        ABORT           '\nRINGING\r\n\r\nRINGING\r'    \
        ''              \rAT                            \
        'OK-+++\c-OK'   ATH0                            \
        TIMEOUT         30                              \
        OK              ATDT$TELEPHONE                  \
        CONNECT         ''

My question is WHERE is the script I am to modify or is this is a new script
I need to add to somewhere.  I use kde 2.2.1 kppp to connect to the internet
and there is nothing in the GUI or any options for kppp that has a place to
place a script.

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