kimap problem (newbie)

kimap problem (newbie)

Post by Raul Cost » Thu, 22 Apr 1999 04:00:00


I installed kde 1.1 on top of Redhat 5.2 and all works fine, except my
I know that i need to build my one pt.kimap (i tryed to find a Portuguese
keyboard map, but i can't find it).

My problem is that i read the help about it and seen the others .kimap, but
i still can't make my one.

Can anyone help me ?

Tanxs in advance,

Jose Raul Costa


1. From a newbie for newbies w/ Modem problems...

I am assuming that this applies to MOST modems, but I am talking about
my USB 5687 in partictular....

For those of you who have bought modems that still have the jumper
settings, remember that "out of the box" modems like that are
structured to let Windows decide the com port, etc.  I'm assuming that
most other modems (I haven't had to screw with jumper settings since
good ol Win 3.1...) have the same issue.

I was at a loss until I read the documentation on installing on NT,
where it stated that you should set your own com port settings (doc
says com port/IRQ set up as "default" whatever that means)

After changing the jumpers (I specified com port 2), getting rid of
one conflict (via my BIOS), I was actually up and running quickly.

I know there isn't a lot of documentation on some of these modems, but
just remember that 99% of them are used in Windows with PNP, and using
jumpers that may be the root of the problem.

If there is anybody w/ more experience in explaining (or debunking)
what I've said, feel free....

On my USB 5687 (got it at best buy....), it works fine with the com2

Best of luck....


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