KDE -1.1.2 upgrade not quite working

KDE -1.1.2 upgrade not quite working

Post by John Zbesk » Fri, 15 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Well, I attempted to update my Linux/Mandrake i386 KDE using the directions
in a RedHat errata RHEA-1999:038-01, as posted in this newsgroup earlier.
Unfortunately, I cannot now start the KDE desktop from my INIT 5 login
(meaning there is no option for KDE). All of the K programs appear to work
when called from the GNOME desktop, however.

I did uninstall the FVMW2-icons-2.2-5 package (because of conflicts.) Did
this wipeout the RedHat logo and KDE choice on the login opening screen? Do
any StarOffice files conflict with KDE-1.1.2? I noticed that some conflicts
involved files with .so. in their filenames.

Boy, it seems like I take 1 step backwards for every 2 forwards...

John Zbesko


1. prob w/ bind-4.9.6-1.1 (RedHat 4.2 rpm)

Recently I upgraded a RedHat 4.2 system, kernel 2.0.33, to
use bind-4.9.6-1.1 (RedHat's update in response to the recent
CERT announcement) and now I when I run a program such as telnet
or lynx it cannot resolve the hostname, but if I do a nslookup
it finds the file name.

Using strace on telnet I noticed that looks for a non-existent
file called "/etc/nsswitch.conf" and then "/etc/hosts" and
then reports the error that it cannot find the host(name).

I also installed the bind-utils rpm and libc for RedHat 4.2
at the same time.

I don't see anything obvious in /var/log/messages or
/var/log/syslog that indicates an error with bind.

order hosts, bind
multi on


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