can't send mail in kmail via smtp

can't send mail in kmail via smtp

Post by Michael Perr » Mon, 28 Jan 2002 06:15:26

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Kmail (1.2 on KDE 2.1.1) is lying to me. It tells me it sends my outgoing

mail to my ISP, but the emails are never received on the other end. I get

no warnings or error messages, and I've checked with my ISP to make sure

the outgoing mail server name is correct. The only way I found this out is

that some messages I sent out were not received by the intended recipients,

so I sent a test message to myself--never received it.

In the sent-mail folder, the last messages that I know were received have

the kmmsgold.png icon next to the, but the ones that weren't have the

kmmsgsent.png icon next to them. I don't recall changing any settings, but

these icons pretty clearly mark when the messages stopped going out.

I can receive messages just fine, but I have to use the web-based email on

my ISP to send anything; needless to say, this is a hassle.

Anyone know what this means, and what I can do?

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