Help with KDM, XDMCP and Remote X

Help with KDM, XDMCP and Remote X

Post by Andrew McCa » Thu, 01 Nov 2001 21:18:40


I manage about 5 different Linux servers all of an identical
configuration running XFree86 4.0.3 and KDE 2.1.2 for its windowing
system. My desktop also has these running.

I have seen some xdm screens with a drop down box that contains a list
of servers that you can select at log in time, and I though it would
be great if I could log into the servers I manage from my desktop
machine using KDM.

I have looked around and it appears that I want to set up XDMCP on the
servers I have altered the /etc/X11/xdn/Xaccess file so that it reads
"* # any host can get a login window" and restarted KDM.

If I use the command from a terminal within my local X windows "
bash~~ X :1 -query <remote-server-ip> " X windows loads up, but
doesn't load a log in screen or window manager, I just get the famous
X-grey background.

I still can't log on to the servers remotely though, and I don't know
how to make KDM list the servers in a drop down box, I believe that it
has something to do with XDM/Chooser.

Please can someone help, as the HOW-TO's are pretty sparse in regards


Andrew McCall


Help with KDM, XDMCP and Remote X

Post by Paul Ahlquis » Fri, 02 Nov 2001 08:17:57

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Thus wrote Andrew McCall:

Quote:> servers I have altered the /etc/X11/xdn/Xaccess file so that it reads
> "* # any host can get a login window" and restarted KDM.

I've had better luck explicitly naming the remotes on the server.  For whatever
reason, a simple wildcard was a non-starter (or I never correctly expressed
"open to all comers" :-)

Just enter each remote's FQDN in /Xaccess.  They may also need to be included
in your /etc/hosts

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- uncommented the
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- changed id:5:initdefault: to the /etc/inittab

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