Default sort order

Default sort order

Post by HF Oakle » Mon, 06 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Is there a way to make View->Sort->by Name (case sensitive) the default?
Failing this is there a way to make Konqueror remember this setting from
one session to the next.

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Default sort order

Post by Gunter Ohrne » Tue, 07 Nov 2000 04:00:00

HF Oakley schrieb:
Quote:> Is there a way to make View->Sort->by Name (case sensitive) the default?

Window->Save viewing profile "File Management"


  Gunter Ohrner


1. default secondary sort line in 'sort'

There's a problem I'm having in sort, wondering if there's help to be found.

PROBLEM:  When sorting a file, and specifying only one column to sort on,
'sort' insists on secondarily sorting on another column.  For example:

3  c
2  a
1  c

'sort +1 -2 inputfile' gives this output:
2  a
1  c
3  c

I.e., it sorted on column 2 like asked, but it *also* did a secondary sort on
column 1!  I should be able to preserve the order of the file outside the
specified sorting columns (well, I think so, dammit :).  I've also noticed
that the secondary sortline changes whether your using the '+1 -2' or '-k
2,3' format.  Screwy.

Is there any way to avoid this secondary type of sort?  Or do I always have to
put line numbers in the data lines I want to sort, and secondarily sort on
those in order to preserve initial order outside the desired sorting
column??  (Which should be very unnecessary!)

And may I say that the 'sort' man pages suck, and give no indication that I
can find on how to specify secondary sort lines (the AWK manual taught me
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