mouse-button bindings in KDE2.0.x ?

mouse-button bindings in KDE2.0.x ?

Post by Tom Malfrèr » Sat, 16 Dec 2000 07:32:13

I have a logitech mouseman wheel with 4 buttons.
I would like to use my middle button as double-click and my fourth
button as back (in Konqueror).
How do I do this ?

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I am using the Intellimouse explorer.  My key bindings for navigating
back and forward are alt+left and alt+right, respectively.  I would
like to be able to map these key bindings to the far left and far
right buttons on my Intellimouse.  Currently, clicking the far left
button is like hitting enter on the keyboard and clicking the far
right button is like clicking the near right button on the mouse.
Does anyone know a way to change these behaviors?

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