qmail, kmail, and maildir

qmail, kmail, and maildir

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I'm using qmail as my MTA and I usually use kmail as my reader.  qmail
is delivering mail in maildir format to ~/Maildir/ and kmail is
storing its mail in ~/Mail/<foldername> maildir folders.  kmail
supports accounts that check maildir folders directly, so, I have set
it up so that kmail looks in ~/Maildir/ and grabs the messages and
puts then in ~/Mail/inbox.

...so, I thought.. why not have qmail just deliver directly to
~/Mail/inbox.  They're both maildir, and I thought kmail would show
the new messages immediatley when they were delivered.  qmail is happy
delivering to ~/Mail/inbox, but, kmail doesn't see these messages
delivered directly by qmail.  Does anyone know why?  Is there a fix to
make this work?




1. qmail and maildir

Mail delivery is done as the target user. Root does not receive mail, but is
set up as an alias (see the qmail docs for info). The man page for
qmail-control(5) is the "roadmap" for the qmail man pages. To understand
qmail fully, read the document named INTERNALS, which tells you how mail is

If you've not read the FAQ, why not? There's a whole load of extra text files
in the distribution. To understand qmail fully you should read pretty much
most of them. Everything is documented, but very little is repeated.

Maildir has to be owned by the recipient of the mail, and should have write
access by the owner only else qmail will refuse to deliver (and log
accordingly). The message stays in the queue until the problem is fixed or
the message expires (at 7 days).

You set up the control files using "vi", or other text editor. You probably
need to check rcpthosts and locals. The set up of fetchmail is a fetchmail,
not a qmail problem. If you have people that relay through your machine
(eg, dial up customers or machines on the same LAN of which you are the
central SMTP server that all incoming/outgoing mail gets sent to), you will
need to read the FAQ, especially the bit about RELAYCLIENT.

ps, I'd advise switching HTML off in your posts as well


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