KDE 3.0: QT won't build with freetype

KDE 3.0: QT won't build with freetype

Post by Grend » Fri, 10 May 2002 22:56:06

Deciding to build my own QT and KDE. When I try to build QT it won't
build with support for XftFreetype.

XftFreeType support . no                      

 I have included the -xft switch. I also have the latest and greatest
freetype2 installed.

I saw an article from someone earlier, "qt3.0.3 compile with -xft
support", with this problem saying a development package of freetype
solved it. However where do I get this. Does he mean the unstable
version?? I tryed this as well.


1. KDE 2.2.2 / Qt 3.0.1 / KDE 3.0 beta 1

I need to work with Qt 3.0.1 especially to have access to the DB interface.
But I'm still using KDE 2.2.2 because I need some stability for my
environment and KDE 3 beta 1 is yet not stable enough.

Though, I had 2 questions about the above:

1. Is it possible to recompile KDE 2.2.2 with Qt 3.0.1? If someone has
already made it can you tell me the steps to follow and the eventual patch
to apply to make it compile ?

2. Plan B: is there a way within KDevelop 2.1, under KDE 2.2.2, to test an
application relying on KDE 3 and Qt 3.0.1 ?

Thanks for your help

Christian C. Berclaz

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