Click-to-focus strangeness

Click-to-focus strangeness

Post by bad_kn » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 00:25:28

I'm Using kde 3.1 on mandrake.  

Way back since kde 1.2, I've  noticed this weird behaviour
using the click-to-focus policy.

sometimes, while clicking in a partially hidden window, the
window I click in gets focused, but does not get brought to the
top unless I click the titlebar or part of the window frame.

Why is that?  Is it something I dont have configured properly,
or just a wierdness with kde?



Click-to-focus strangeness

Post by Sayantan Su » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 01:06:41

Quote:> Why is that?  Is it something I dont have configured properly,
> or just a wierdness with kde?

- I've seen it happening with couple of other window managers too. I also
see the same behavior when I have click to focus turned on.

Sayantan Sur

Graduate Research Assistant
Dept. of Computer Science
The Ohio State University.


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