help running kde

help running kde

Post by Mohamed Alothma » Tue, 29 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hello all,
        I have a problem launching application with kde. I'm
running RedHat 5.2, on a PII machine. I've installed
qt-1.42-1rh51 and kde-1.1.1-1 rpms (first qt then kdesupport
then kdelibs, etc.. as in the FAQ). I also modified the
.xinitrc and .Xclients file to startkde. After startx, I get
the kde desktop with the kpanel, and I get the pulldown
menus fine, but when I try to launch any application the
kpanel disappears and I get the blue-screen (BSOD...). I
kill the X with Ctrl-Alt-BkSpc and I find the following:
kpanel : waiting for windowmanager
kpanel : ok, commencing initialization
xinit  : connection to X server lost

Now, I know it's not an X problem since I'm running
Afterstep right now (by changing my .xinitrc file).

Appreciate any hint/suggestion. TIA.

                     Mohamed J. Alothman            

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