KDE from CVS - broken klauncher

KDE from CVS - broken klauncher

Post by Micha » Fri, 08 Dec 2000 04:00:00

I recompiled kdesupport, kdelibs and kdebase from yesterday's CVS.
Alas, I can no more start konqueror, open file dialog etc.
There is an error message:

Error - KDesktop
Internal Error
Please send a full bugreport at http://bugs.kde.org
Unable to create io-slave:
klauncher said:

Any ideas? I've heard that current CVS version of kdelibs is quite stable,
so perhaps there is something wrong here.

Michal Rudolf
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1. SuSE 8.1, sax2, yast, KDE, problems (I broke KDE)

I'm having trouble getting KDE to start, and I'm hoping someone here could
help me.

I just installed SuSE 8.1 on my computer with a Dell 1500p LCD screen, and
an Nvidia Geforce2 mx 400.  KDE loaded fine, but the screen was way off
center and not sized right, so I was trying to fix it in sax2.  In the
process of moving the screen center and resizing it, my screen washed out in
all white and I had to restart.  (On a side note, some settings in sax2 make
my monitor do some pretty crazy, weird looking stuff, is it possible to
damage my monitor if I'm not careful?)

Now everytime I boot up suse initializes up to the point where it normally
brings up a login box(in X i think).  Instead of doing that the screen
flashes black four times(like it is trying to initialize X window system,
but it is failing?), then gives me a login prompt on the same screen as all
the SuSE inititalization messages.  I log in and it says have fun and I'm
simply at a console.

If I try startx from this console it says something like "could not find
screen".  I ran sax2 from this console and it comes up in X and the screen
is still off center and not sized right, but when I test settings, the
screen position is fine.  As soon as I press ok and exit the test, the
settings go bad again, and it says the settings will be changed after I
reboot.  But upon rebooting I see no difference, and I'm still at this

I downloaded the nvidia driver from their website before I screwed up my
computer, and installed the rpm, but I don't know if it installed right.
I'm guessing this could be part of the problem.

So I thought letting yast reinstall the driver might help, since I don't
really understand rpms anyway.  When I try to update the driver from yast in
text mode, it gets to "setting ftp/http..." or whatever it says when it is
trying to connect.  But it just sits there forever, and I have to reboot
again.  It was doing this before I screwed up KDE and that is why I
downloaded the rpm straight from the website instead.

Oh and I tried pinging a couple sites and that works fine so I'm pretty sure
it's not my network card that is stopping yast from getting the driver.
I have no idea what to do.  I just want my KDE!

Sorry for such a long post, I just wanted to make sure I put in enough info
for someone to possibly know what is going on here.

Thanks in advance,

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