KMAIL attachments

KMAIL attachments

Post by Vilpp » Sun, 09 Feb 2003 07:22:03

I've been sending many emails with attachments and many of them have
been broken. Could KDE 3.1 kmail have something to do with this? I don't
remember having problems with the 3.0.4 kmail application.



1. Kmail attachments?

Where does Kmail store attachments that come with mail? KDE 2, Kmail 2.1 and
RH 7.1, if it matters.

I discovered when using Eudora under W9x that much spam includes attachments,
as of course do viruses. I used to clear these out every day. But I looked
everywhere I can thank of in my ~/Mail and elsewhere in my home directory and
don't see anything.



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