quake3 sound troubles

quake3 sound troubles

Post by mark » Thu, 31 Jan 2002 00:21:56

i'm still having troubles getting quake3 sound to work under kde. i was
told a while back to run it through artsdsp, and that lets quake run,
but there's no sound (when i don't run it through artsdsp, it doesn't
even run). i see this on the console messages when i run quake3 through

------- sound initialization -------
Sorry but your soundcard can't do this

when i run tuxracer (w/o going through artsdsp) the sound is off a few
seconds. i get the same reults when i run it through artsdsp. weird.

any help?  i'm a little clueless with this array of different sound
schemes that are out there.


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/usr/compat/linux/dev/audio but that didn't work.  Am I doing anything
wrong?  Thanks for any help.

prg22 at mindspring dot com

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