Mouse Alignment Problem

Mouse Alignment Problem

Post by Dr Nancy's Sweeti » Wed, 20 Feb 2002 04:23:36

I did a web search before posting here, and found only references to
something about "sw_cursor", which doesn't appear to be in the man
page for XF86Config, so I'm not sure what to do with it.

The problem I'm having may be KDE or X, I'm not sure.  We're using
KDE2.2.2 and XFree86 4.1.  But after a little while, the mouse cursor
begins to appear about 15 pixels to the right of where the hotspot
really is.  As long as you aim a centimeter to the right of what you
want to click on, you're fine.  You can click on things all the way to
the left of the screen, but the mouse pointer doesn't get all the way
over there.

My daughter has noticed this begin only when playing klines, but once it
starts it doesn't go away.  Restarting the mouse daemon has no effect.
Once, logging out and restarting the X server didn't even fix it.

So, does anybody have any idea what may be causing this or what to do
about it?  Is there some X application I can run which will report
on the "hotspot versus visible mouse" difference and allow it to be

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Hello -

I'm having a problem getting my app to run using either gcc 2.72 or egcs
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is consistently causing bus faults when I try to run/debug the code. For
example, I've noticed that when I try to access a member of a certain
class, the address is usually some odd offset (0xnnnn9, 0xnnnnb) which
causes the SIGBUS.

I am presuming there is probably a gcc/gas/gld option which will force
specific alignments, and I have gone over all the gcc docs I can find
and nothing I've tried has yet to work. Has anyone experienced this sort
of problem, or know of a fix for it?

As I stated, the problem arises on a sparc/solaris platform -- was there
anything special I missed when building the devel tools?

Thanks in advance.

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