kstart not working?

kstart not working?

Post by seeker.. » Thu, 14 Jun 2001 09:23:41

I just upgraded to Redhat 7.1 and KDE 2.1.2, and the kstart program doesn't seem to work.

For instance, if I want to launch kmail on virtual desktop 4:

kstart --desktop 4 kmail

(I noticed that the syntax is a bit different than in previous versions.  In KDE 1.x,
the above command would have been 'kstart kmail -desktop 4')

Anyway, issuing the above command starts kmail on desktop 1.  I've tried many different
approaches, and I simply cannot get kmail to launch on desktops other than 1 without
first switching to the target desktop.

I also noticed that the --skiptaskbar flag doesn't seem to work.

Any suggestions for workarounds?

I could try forcing kmail to always launch on desktop 4 by modifying a .desktop file,
but that doesn't seem to work either.


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Hi there,

I want to see my gkrellm application always on top, on all desktops,
and not in the taskbar. It should startup at evey login. Therefore
I've created a Application Link in ~/.kde3/Autostart/gkrellm. The
following will be executed:

kstart --alldesktops --skiptaskbar --ontop --skippager gkrellm

Problem: gkrellm starts up after login BUT it appears NOT on top NOT
on all desktops and it IS visible in the taskbar.

Everything works fine, when I start gkrellm by clicking at the
autostart-entry. What's the problem?

thank you all

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