Can't logout of KDE2 (under FreeBSD 4.2)

Can't logout of KDE2 (under FreeBSD 4.2)

Post by Thierry Herbelo » Sun, 05 Nov 2000 14:54:19


I've got 3 machine with recent -Stable versions of FreeBSD (one is 15
days old, another is 3 days old and the last is 6 hours old ;-)), all
running a locally-compiled KDE2 (from the FreeBSD ports). This is with
XFree 4.01.

The two newest machines won't allow me logging out of KDE : when I
select logout in the "K" menu, nothing happens except a message stating

kicker: PanelServiceMenu::slotExec(-100)
kicker: Cannot find service with menu id -100

(or some othe negative number)


Thierry Herbelot


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I've installed XFree4.1 on a FreeBSD 4.2 system. With XDM
the XServer crashes after loging out with a core dump (signal 6).
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windowmaker with the same result.
Can anybody help me in solving the problem?

Thanks, Sylvio

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