Release of katchit 1.1 : a KDE game

Release of katchit 1.1 : a KDE game

Post by Pascal George » Thu, 22 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I have put an update of my game katchit on

You will need Kde 1.1.1 to run it.
RPM packages are avalaible for Redhat6.0 .

PLEASE : if you take time to try it, give me some feedback at


1. Bug fix release of katchit-0.3 : KDE game

The release of katchit 0.3 is a bug fix release that makes it
runnable under X with a display different of 16 bpps.

Anybody that could fix the sound bug (no sound is working for now)
is welcome !!

Here is the lsm :

Title:          Katchit
Version:        0.3
Description:    A KDE game using the QwSpriteField library.
                The goal is to reach a penguin without being
                caught by ennemies (more or less clever).
                The player and the enemies play turn to turn
                and there is no time limit : this is a kind of
                reflexion / strategy game. The player may get
                bonus that gives him special powers.
                Sorry, no sound yet.
                Requires X with 16 bpps or more (is ugly on a 8 bpps
Keywords:       KDE, X11, Qt, Game

Platform:       Linux and other Unices, needs Qt and the KDE libs
Copying-policy: GNU Public License

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