character coding, Klipper

character coding, Klipper

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OK, how do you (the authors of Konqueror, that is) do it?

I'm presently using Mozilla 1.4RC2, on GNU/Linux (RedHat 8.0), KDE

When viewing an ISO-8859-1 web page using Mozilla (or Galeon for that
matter,) special characters like "Smart" quotes display correctly
(assuming Mozilla's "Character Coding" is set to Western/ISO=8859-1 or
But copying the text to Kate or Emacs via Klipper, these characters
are replaced with '?'.

If I use Konqueror, however, it works correctly.  The smart quotes get
converted to dumb quotes along the way, which is what I want.

Is there a Linux variable or something in KDE or Mozilla that I can
set to get this to happen in Mozilla?



1. code pages/character set

Hi everybody, I have a problem that needs immediate assistance. I work for
the Canadian custom agency, administrating the e-commerce platform, we
receive EDI transmission for all electronic forms coming in to Canada then
send this data to be processed by the mainframe.
Now my problem is this. because of the way the transaction are sent when it
gets to our Solaris box ,we have no clue what code page or character set we
receive is,  our system expects code page 819 (ISO standard) but some of our
clients can sent their data using 850 (dos French) or 437 ( dos US) or even
special code pages.

Now my question is this : Is their a utility in Solaris 7 that can determine
what code page a file is using.

I welcome any solutions or opinions.

Just a quick run down of our we get the data: we use x-400 transport and the
data is encrypted so we cannot convert the code page when we get it since
its encrypted, we want to check and convert(if necessary) after decryption.
We need to know this because we use IBM MQseries to transport our outside
world data to our applications (which are on the mainframe) I know MQseries
knows how to convert but it has to know what the original code page is and
because it is running on Solaris is assumes 819.

I know how to tag MQ with the proper code page, I just need to know what it
is before stacking it in the MQ queues.

thanks in advance for your help


Patrick St-Jacques

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